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can you see WhatsApp status without being seen?


Nowadays every smartphones user using WhatsApp on a daily basis Whether it was personal life or business life. When you will see anyone’s status from your WhatsApp status, the user will get an indication that you viewed that status. But sometimes the user might want to see WhatsApp status without letting them know. So, in this video, we gonna discuss all the procedures step by step.


  • WhatsApp official method: Turn off Read Receipts
  • View status in offline mode
  • Open status media from status folder
  • Unofficial method- view by using GBwhatsapp app

WhatsApp official method: Turn off Read Receipts

This procedure is the only way to see the contact’s status on WhatApp without notifying them. Quick Remind you, after disable the read receipts option you will lose the blue tick option in chats. If this didn’t affect that then this method is best for you. Also, your contacts can’t see read receipts in the chat option which you read.
Although you might turning off the Read Receipts option temporarily to see the status of the contact cause period is only for 24 hours and after the period you can re- it.
So, here are the quick steps for the option.
• Open WhatsApp ok your Android device.
• Go to Setting >> Account >> Privacy and turn off the Read Receipts option.
• Go to see contacts status and wait until the status period is over and re-enable read receipts option.

View contacts status in offline mode

This is also Another way to view contacts status updates, without reminding them. Keep in mind WhatApp saves a chat as a local tab while you are in offline mode and sync the data whenever you connect to the internet.
In the incognito mode in WhatApp web when you viewed contacts status in offline mode and immediately Close the page, The status viewed data stored locally on your pc will be automatically deleted. Which will no longer sync in the WhatsApp web.
• Open WhatsApp Web on your web browser
• Go to the status option to view the particular status.
• Disconnect from the internet connection from your computer
• Open the status which you want to see.
• Close the incognito mode browser which deletes the session data
• Now connect to the Internet again
This method is occasionally used for text status updates.

Open status media from statuses folder

Sometimes WhatsApp pre-downloads the pictures posted on status even before you tap the status. In Android, you can view that status by simply clicking. Statuses dictionary of WhatsApp by using the file manager.
• Open WhatsApp and view the status section
• Install ES file explorer on your Android device
• Turn on show hidden file.
• Go to Internal storage >> WhatsApp >> Media >> Statuses and simply copy that file to another location.

Unofficial method- view by using GBWhatsApp app

The Modded version of WhatsApp allows you various features that aren’t available on Original WhatsApp. Features let you hide status-viewed activity from your contacts. GBwhatsapp is not available on the Google play store but you can download it as an APK file.
Firstly Download GBwhatsapp from a trusted website.
Therefore Install it and using file manager go to WhatApp internal memory and copy that database directory.
Furthermore Navigate that directory to GBwhatsapp internal directory Complete the setup and tap the status. Go to status privacy >> hide view status.
That is how you will see contacts’ status without notifying them.

These are the four procedures that will allow you to view the WhatsApp status of your contacts without letting them you viewed it. Let us know if there is any procedure. feel free to admit in the comments below. You can check our latest post by clicking this link.

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